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Inflexions: A Journal for Research-creation

Publication Toni Pape, Halbe Kuipers

We are happy to announce the recent publication of the latest issue of Inflexions: A Journal for Research-creation, co-edited among others by our colleague Toni Pape and ASCA Ph.D. candidate Halbe Kuipers. This issue is entitled “Modes of Exhaustion” and explores the wide-spread problem of exhaustion from various angles. Contributors include Barbara Glowczewski, Peter Pál Pelbart, Alanna Thain, Marwin Vos, Sissel Marie Tonn, Nicole de Brabandere, Adam Szymanski and others.

From the introduction: “This issue of Inflexions is committed to investigating what minor ways of creatively working with exhaustion might be possible or impossible today while taking into account that the range of possibility is tied to the conditioning of the field that makes these options felt as real. How can one create vacuoles in the strangling networks of social relations and obligations; and what kinds of spatio-temporal compositions might constitute these vacuoles? With this question we, the editors and authors, want to approach a multi-faceted conception of exhaustion turning a set of relations not only against itself, as we might observe through the social in social media, but also as a limit concept extending the boundaries of the possible both in its devastating and potentializing ways. In a sense, then, we are proposing an ethology of and for exhaustion, a study of the conducts that got us here and the techniques that might allow us to create with and through it.”

“Modes of Exhaustion” is available in open access and can be consulted here.

22 November 2017, dymph