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Visiting Scholars

Each year the Department of Media Studies accepts a limited number of visiting scholars: scholars whose expertise and interest fit within current or future research projects at Media Studies.

  • Visiting scholars are expected to contribute to research and/or educational activities, for example, by attending research seminars or giving a guest lecture.
  • Accepted visiting scholars will be offered the use of a workstation as well as facilities as printing, copying, library access and e-mail.
  • Visiting scholars also are welcome to attend seminars and conferences.
  • Visiting scholars are expected to obtain their own financial support to live and work in Amsterdam.

Students and PhD candidates will not be accepted as visiting scholars. (PhD candidates with their supervisor within Media Studies, Faculty of Humanities, UvA, may request a status of external PhD candidate at one of the research institutes of the Faculty of Humanities.) Visiting scholars are expected to have a PhD and several years of academic or professional experience.

Application as visiting scholar

Please submit the following :

  • A letter of motivation and your research plan, including the research programme and the name (and recommendation) of at least one staff member in Media Studies with whom cooperation is sought. A specific duration should be mentioned in the letter;
  • A curriculum vitae; and
  • At least one publication or writing sample.

and send it to:
Department of Media Studies
University of Amsterdam
Turfdraagsterpad 9
1012 XT Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The application will be evaluated by the departmental board. The application should be submitted at least three months prior to the planned period of stay. If your application is accepted, the department will contact you for registration as a visiting scholar.


The Media Studies department offers limited opportunities for guests who do not qualify as visiting scholars, e.g., PhD students.

  • Other guests need to be hosted by a staff member in the Media Studies department.
  • Once accepted, they have access to the library and wifi, and receive an email address, but are not provided with a desk or printing/copying facilities. They may be charged to cover the expenses made by the department for these facilities as well as for (compulsory) workplace insurance.
  • In consultation with their host, they are welcome to attend seminars and conferences.
  • They are expected to obtain their own financial support to live and work in Amsterdam.

Application as other guest