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Media Careers

The Media Studies Department provides a natural home for those committed to work in the media, as well as those who want to study and understand media production. Students who are considering a career in the media – whether in film, television, radio, journalism, advertising, (digital) games, music, or social media entertainment – have access to a wide variety of courses, resources, organisations, and relations at the University of Amsterdam.

On these pages, some of the key options for students interested in media careers are gathered: courses to take (both in Media Studies as well as elsewhere at the University), resources to make use of when making media, student and other organisations on campus that involve media making, as well as profiles of key staff who work closely with media industries in The Netherlands, and links to other networks and contacts between the University and the thriving field of media arts and production in Amsterdam.

The Media Studies Department welcomes edits and additions to these pages, and is committed to keeping the various links and databases up to date. Students are encouraged to contact us for more information.