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Ammehoela Film Festival

March 31, Beeldfestival voor randmakers, randmedia en randonderwerpen

Place: FC Hyena, Aambeeldstraat 24, Amsterdam-Noord.
Time: Saturday, March 31, 13:00-24:00.

The full programme with all the theme blocks and side programmes. Tickets for the entire day, for the nice price of €15. Cineville cardholders receive a 50% discount

Ammehoela Festival

The festival has selected 69 short films – among which 17 premieres – and divided them into 10 theme blocks of one and a half hour each. In addition, both Cinecrowd and The One Minutes will take care of one block and throughout the day, from 1pm to 1am, there will be a too dense programme of the most edgy media mess in the central hall and beyond.

The second edition of the Ammehoela Film Festival again screens a variety of short productions from the treasuries of the Dutch audiovisual underworld. The selected films, which will be shown in the two cinema rooms of FC Hyena, are divided among 10 loosely coherent but widely curious and deeply existential theme blocks:

Troost en proost (Consolation and cheers), Oude trage witte mannen (Old slow white men), Ballast, Beestachtig (Beastly), Samenzweringen (Conspiracies), Love struggles, Dingen die er echt toe doen (Things that matter), Noord & Daad (North & Dead), M/V/e.v.a. (M/F/et al.) en Blootgeven (Expose).

In addition, Cinecrowd will fill one block with the most  remarkable films that have materialized last year with help from their crowdfunding platform and Janna Ulrich from The One Minutes will present a masterclass about how algorithms determine our future.

The Ammehoela Film Festival distinguishes itself from other festivals by focusing on Dutch film and other image makers who are looking for the edges (so-called ‘edgy makers’) and by including a wide variety of audiovisual art expressions in the programme. The one-day festival offers a platform offers a platform for films that have little official screening possibilities elsewhere, such as short documentaries, internet videos, art films and music clips. Because one of the requirements for the screening of a film is that the maker is present, the festival offers both filmmakers and visitors in the margins a space to meet, explore and avoid each other. During and between the screenings there is constantly something to do in the central hall of FC Hyena, from talk shows, animation busses and award ceremonies, to VJs, DJs and other image combers and record producers.

20 March 2018, dymph