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About Media Studies

Media are all-surrounding, both constituting and affecting how we navigate and make sense of the world, distribute information and shape our culture with their stories, programs, representations, formats, exhibitions, repositories and data.

The Media Studies Department of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam offers both depth and diversity in its approaches to the study of media, with a wide range of academic offerings and research interests for the digital age and how it came into being. There are two larger, academic programs of study in Media Studies, which focus on different key aspects of the development and impact of media: Media and Culture and Media and Information.

The Media and Culture team consists of four professors: next to the chair of Cross-media culture, there are chairs in Film Studies, Digital Heritage and Globalisation. Last two are Research priority areas in the Faculty of Humanities.

The other team in the department is Media and Information, containing chairs in Journalism, New Media and digital culture, Archival studies, Cultural information studies and Computational and Digital Humanities.

Each area has a particular medium, media type or cultural practice as its primary point of departure for in-depth study. Yet all have objects, methods and concepts in common across the breadth of media studies. Both programs are embedded in the Amsterdam media scene, with its many events, festivals and creative industries. The programs have numerous ties to cultural institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations active in the various media sectors, where internship opportunities and collaborations are often available.

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