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Digital Methods Summer School project featured in the New York Times

Project from 2016 critiques stock images

The Digital Methods Summer School project from 2016 is a critique of stock images, and shows how the Lean In collection by Getty Images, aimed at empowering women, is used out of context. See ‘From Sex Object to Gritty Woman: The Evolution of Women in Stock Photos’     >

EYE Conference 26-30 May 2018

Special “P&P at 15” Edition. Call for papers

Activating the Archive Audio-Visual Collections and Civic Engagement, Political Dissent and Societal Change Hosted by EYE Filmmuseum Deadline for submissions: 15 November 2017 The 2017-2018 academic year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the Master’s in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (P&P), a programme of the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the Living Media Arts foundation, and others. EYE teams up with the University of Amsterdam and Sound and Vision in organising a special edition of its annual International Conference, to celebrate this milestone. The conference will serve as a platform for exchange on developments in the fields of audio-visual archiving and presentation. It will consider those developments among others – but not exclusively – from the perspective of those with a connection to the P&P programme. The conference will also be an occasion for P&P alumni to reconnect,... >

Stefania Milan

keynote speaker at European University Association in Tallinn, June 15-16

Digitalisation: A game changer for doctoral education 10th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting, June 15-16 What is the impact of digitalisation on doctoral education? The annual meeting will discuss the changing role and practice of research training in digital societies and universities. All speakers >

Mediastudies en Communicatiewetenschap UvA Wereldwijd nummer 2 in QS Ranking

8 maart

In de QS World University Rankings by subject, gepubliceerd op woensdag 8 maart, maakt de UvA met het vakgebied Communication & Media Studies een sprong naar plaats 2 van universiteiten wereldwijd. Vorig jaar stond dit vakgebied op de 6de plek. Met in totaal 19 vakgebieden in de top 50 op hun terrein is de UvA net als vorig jaar de hoogst genoteerde Nederlandse universiteit. Edith Smit, directeur van de Graduate School of Communication en hoogleraar Persuasive Communication, reageert trots op de nummer 2-positie: ‘De uitkomst weerspiegelt onze internationale zichtbaarheid binnen het vakgebied. Dat komt door onze sterke internationale oriëntatie, bijvoorbeeld in de benadering van communicatievraagstukken. De status die Communicatiewetenschap aan de UvA al had in Europa, is er met deze ranking nu ook wereldwijd.’ Ook Richard Rogers, hoogleraar Nieuwe media en digitale cultuur en tot voor kort afdelingsvoorzitter Mediastudies, is erg blij: ‘Onze afdeling doet vernieuwend werk en binnen het... >

Annual EYE International Conference

May 27- 30, available online

Final program EYE International Conference 2017 now online From Saturday May 27 to Tuesday May 30, the annual EYE International Conference takes place at EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The final schedule of this 3-day program is now available online. Program and registration information This year, the EYE International Conference will host for two days a special 40th edition of the technical symposium The Reel Thing. Founded and curated by Grover Crisp and Michael Friend, The Reel Thing addresses current thinking and most advanced practical examples in the field of preservation, restoration and media conservation, and creates an international common ground for discussion and evaluation. The Reel Thing has been presented all across the United States, as well as Europe and South America, since its inception in 1994. The Reel Thing at EYE Filmmuseum is a program with a unique line-up of 25 international experts, among whom laboratory technicians, academics, archivists,... >

This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice.

Lectures on exceptional film restorations, April 3 to May 15 in EYE

From April 3 to May 15, Monday afternoon, EYE and the University of Amsterdam present This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice, a series of six public lectures at EYE devoted to notable projects in the field of film restoration and film heritage. Giovanna Fossati (chief curator at EYE and professor of Film Heritage at the UvA) addresses recent restoration projects and presentation forms of film heritage, varying from pre-cinema to recent experimental films and Hollywood classics. Besides regular film projections in cinemas, the lectures cover exhibitions and alternative presentation formats. Each session features a guest speaker, a Q&A and film screenings, often accompanied by live music. >

Ubiquitous Cinema

Education, Mobility, and Storytelling in the Digital Age Beijing, 27-29 April

The conference is part of the ERC funded project ChinaCreative of Jeroen de Kloet. Cameras and screens have become ubiquitous in everyday life. This provokes questions about the ways we produce, perceive, distribute, but also teach and study cinema today. For this conference, we aim to discuss three entangled phenomena to probe into the ubiquity of screen cultures in the digital age: education, mobility, and storytelling. One of the keynotespeakers: Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam, author of The Neuro-Image: A Deleuzian Filmphilosophy of Digital Screen Culture and The Matrix of Visual Culture: Working with Deleuze in Film Theory). Read more >

EYE on Art and Fiber Festival,

Alchemical Visions, (o.a. Emerald Transmutations, Patricia Pisters e.a.) May 9

EYE on Art and FIBER Festival present Alchemical Visions on Tuesday, May 9th, two days prior to the festival: a special double edition of EYE on ART about cinema and alchemy. May 9, 20:00 – 23:00, Cinema 2, EYE Film Museum, Tickets: € 10.50 / FIBER Passe-partout holders: € 9,00 Connected to the festival research into the relationship between alchemy and art, Alchemical Visions is a cinematic journey that invites the audience to explore matter at very different levels: witness beauty of natural processes from close-up, follow the global trade in rare metals and imagine being at the nano-level to witness atomic processes. Alchemical Visions presents films by artists and filmmakers who, like the ancient alchemists, speculate and experiment with new materials. Emerald Transmutations (2016), Patricia Pisters (NL) in collaboration with Ian Magor, D.N. Rodowick, Jacques Perconte, Polly Stanton, David Verdeure, Rosa Menkman – 19’00” Alchemic Dialogue. On The Most... >

Richard Rogers in Mexico

Digital Humanities Keynote and Fake News Workshop, March 27

Richard Rogers gave the Digital Humanities keynote at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico on 27 March 2017, and his lecture was covered in three national and local newspapers. Later that week he also gave a digital methods workshop on fake news at the Mexico City campus of the same university. Mexico has elections next year, and researchers in the humanities and social sciences are preparing to study fake news, filter bubbles and meme machines. Read more in the Mexican newspapers: MILENIO Horacero Nota Norte online >

‘Emerald Transmutations’ van Patrica Pisters e.a. op

Alchemy Film Festival, March 2-5, Hawick Scotland

Film Emerald Transmutations, by Ian Magor, D.N. Rodowick, Jacques Perconte, Polly Stanton, David Verdeure, Rosa Menkman & Patricia Pisters. Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival is an international festival of experimental film and artists’ moving image. Alchemy Film & Arts was founded in 2010 and has produced six editions of the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival. The festival is produced in partnership with Heart of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. The 2016 festival screened 124 films from 26 countries, with 44 UK or World premieres and over fifty filmmakers in attendance. Alchemy Film & Arts also engages in developmental projects for experimental film and artists’ moving image production in Scotland, including artists’ filmmaking residencies, filmmaking symposia, international and rural touring programmes, and community filmmaking initiatives. The films included in the programme are the result of an Arts and Humanities Research Council project called ‘The Audiovisual Essay: a digital methodology... >