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EYE on Art and Fiber Festival,

Alchemical Visions (o.a. Emerald Transmutations, Patricia Pisters e.a.) May 9

EYE on Art and FIBER Festival present Alchemical Visions on Tuesday, May 9th, two days prior to the festival: a special double edition of EYE on ART about cinema and alchemy.

May 9, 20:00 – 23:00, Cinema 2, EYE Film Museum, Tickets: € 10.50 / FIBER Passe-partout holders: € 9,00

Connected to the festival research into the relationship between alchemy and art, Alchemical Visions is a cinematic journey that invites the audience to explore matter at very different levels: witness beauty of natural processes from close-up, follow the global trade in rare metals and imagine being at the nano-level to witness atomic processes. Alchemical Visions presents films by artists and filmmakers who, like the ancient alchemists, speculate and experiment with new materials.

  • Emerald Transmutations (2016), Patricia Pisters (NL) in collaboration with Ian Magor, D.N. Rodowick, Jacques Perconte, Polly Stanton, David Verdeure, Rosa Menkman – 19’00”
  • Alchemic Dialogue. On The Most Powerful Catalyst On The Planet (2017), Füsun Türetken (TR/NL) – Fellow Het Nieuwe Instituut) – 10’00”
  • PLASM (2015), TeZ (IT/NL) – 10’00”
  • Wilderness Series (2016), Karel Doing (NL/UK) – 13’38”
  • Matter of Perspectives (2017), Tarik Barri (NL/DE) – 18’00” – In samenwerking met Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL Braga), en kunstcentrum Gnration – Scale Travels programma
  • Performance: Presque Vu (2016), Mark IJzerman (NL) – 20’00”

Patricia Pisters, Füsun Türetken, Tarik Barri and Karel Doing will introduce their films.


26 April 2017, dymph